Information on this page is constantly under update and new links are being added. The focus here is on web sites that provide detailed data or legal documents and therefore does not include web sites that are limited to campaigns etc. Please contact me if you have any suggestions.

People's Groups, NGO's And Information Sites
This is the website of the Jharkhand Mines Area Coordination Committee and has a large number of recent news items.

Environmental Protection Group - Orissa
A highly detailed site on environmental issues and people's struggles in Orissa, focused on extractive industries and mining.

An Orissa based research and policy organisation that works on forest rights, environmental conservation and sustainable livelihoods.  The web site has several documents on forest and land issues in Orissa.

Government Data

Census of India, 2001
All data from 2001 Census is online.  A limited map-generating function is also available.

Agricultural Census 1996-1997
Tables from last Agricultural Census are available for free online. 

National Family Health Survey
NHFS data unfortunately is mostly not disaggregated by community or ST status, etc.  However there is still interesting information available.
This web site has a large amount of general data available, though the coverage is patchy and data is frequently out of date.  It requires a paid subscription to access it.
Reports from the National Sample Survey Organisation
Accessing NSSO reports may require you to register for a username and password. Registration is free. You can find the registration form here.

Main Reports Web Page, National Sample Survey Organisation.  Some of the individual reports that are of interest are below.

"Household Assets and Indebtness of Social Groups", NSS 48th Round, 30.6.1991.

"Household Assets Holding, Indebtedness, Current Borrowings and Repayments of Social Groups in India", All India Debt and Disinvestment Survey, NSS 59th Round, 30.06.2002. 

"Common Property Resources", NSS 54th Round, December 1999.
Unfortunately this report does not break up data according to social group, but the overall data is still very striking.
Parliamentary Reports
"Development of Primitive Tribal Groups",  28th Report of the Standing Committee on Labour and Welfare,  XIII Lok Sabha, December 2002.

"Working of Integrated Tribal Development Project in Rajasthan", 23rd Report of the Committee on Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, XIII Lok Sabha, February 2003.

"Working of Integrated Tribal Development Projects in Madhya Pradesh", 8th Report of the Committee on Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, XIII Lok Sabha, 23.11.2000.

International NGO's and Inter-Governmental Organisations

International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
An international organisation supporting indigenous communities around the world.  Not all IWGIA publications are available online but a significant subset are made available through PDF files on the web site.

Minority Rights Group
Detailed documentation on conditions of minorities and indigenous people in various countries.  Most MRG reports are available on the web site.
UN Agencies and Bodies
United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Has details on international law and UN processes related to indigenous rights.

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights - Indigenous Peoples Section
Further details on UN processes relating to indigenous people, with a focus on legal and human rights of indigenous persons.  Also has reports of Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples.

International Labour Organisation - Indigenous Rights
The main page relating to ILO work on indigenous rights, including the ILO conventions, international law, assistance to governments, etc.  Also see here
which has more detailed information, including academic and international comparative law studies. 

United Nations Development Programme - Indigenous Peoples Page

Corporate Websites

Mining in India
A corporate website with links to many government websites and policy statements, along with corporate news.