1. District-wise ST Population and List of Scheduled Areas
    (Census of India 2001)
  2. Population of Major ST Communities in Rajasthan and Locations 
    (Compiled from Data Highlights, Census of India 2001)
  3. Sex Ratio Among ST's in Rajasthan
    (Data Highlights, Census of India 2001)
  4. Occupations / Livelihoods Among ST's in Rajasthan
    (Data Highlights, Census of India 2001)
  5. Areas of ST Population in Rajasthan
    (Generated from Census GIS System)
  6. Primary Census Abstract for ST's in Rajasthan (contains data on work particiaption, literacy, sex ratio etc. by ST community)
  1. Land distribution of ST land holdings (broken up by gender)
    (Data drawn from Agricultural Census, 1996-1997)
  2. Forest lands in Rajasthan (limited)
For further data on land alienation cases and land reforms implementation, please see the tables in the  Land Reforms section of the National Data page, which contains data for all major States.

  1. Mineral Map of Rajasthan
  2. Minerals Found in Rajasthan and Annual Production
    (Additional material on numbers of mines, areas, production, mining leases etc. is available in the database produced by the Mine Labour Protection Committee and available here)
  3. Area of Mining Leases (national table including Rajasthan)