Maharashtra Forest Land

Up to date district-wise data on recorded forest area in Maharashtra does not appear to be easily available.  However, for the State as a whole:

Recorded Forest Area: 61939 sq km, 20.3% of State's geographic area

of which:

Reserved Forests: 79.46%
Protected Forests: 13.23%
Unclassed Forests: 7.31%

(State of Forests Report 2005, Forest Survey of India)

Note the following differing estimate (likely sourced from Revenue Department data)

Forests as a land use: 59260 sq km, 19.27% of State's geographic data

(Ministry of Agriculture Land Use Statistics 2005)

For a chart of actual forest cover in Maharashtra's forest districts, see the Maharashtra chapter in the State of Forests Report 2005 of the Forest Survey of India.