Some Details on Mining in Goa

There does not appear to be much detailed data available on mining in Goa.  If additional information can be pointed out, please let the SAIP secretariat know.

Till date 543 minor mineral licenses/leases have been granted.

2006-2007 - 118 quarrying leases issued, 103 lakhs collected towards royalty.

7 cases of illegal extraction of minor minerals detected, fines of 2.33 lakhs recovered.
214 cases of illegal transport detected, fines of 6.87 lakhs recovered.

Plantations were undertaken inside and outside mining areas; total plantation up to 2005-2006 was 15,824,957 (trees, presumably).

(This data taken from economic Survey 2006-2007, Government of Goa)

Additional data is available at the Centre for Science and Environment's page on mining in Goa, available at