Some Details on JFM and on Conflicts Over Forest Lands 

(This data drawn from Assam Forest Department website,



Total estimated Area under "Encroachment" up to 31.03. 2003  : 3,555 Sq. Km.

Total estimated "Encroacher" Households, as on 31.03.2003     : 70,149 Households


Forest Villages


Total Number

 499 Nos.


 538,35 Sq. Km. (0.69 % of R.F. area)

Total Population

 2,34,113 Nos. (approx.)

Forest Fringe Villages  3,000 Nos. (approx.)


Status of Joint Forest Management (JFM) under National Afforestation Programme (NAP) in Asom


No. of Forest Development Agencies

 28 Nos.

JFM Committees (JFMC) constituted

 700 Nos.

No. of J.F.M Committees under NAP

 550 Nos. (36nos.Jhum Rehab.)



Total Households


No. of Forest Villages


No. of Revenue Villages


Total wage employment generated under N.A.P up to 31.12.2005

 15,94,828 Nos.